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"It feels odd to write a “review” of therapy: a private, personal, and varied experience. Unlike a dentist, doctor, or accountant, where a good relationship is a bonus but not necessary to get the job done, the opposite is true in therapy. Degrees and modalities matter less than who the person is in the room with you. As someone with a doctorate in clinical psychology, I consider myself an informed consumer, but have struggled to find someone who used an approach I found therapeutic. Working with Jocelyn has fostered the most therapeutic experience I have had. This has more to do with Jocelyn and her approach than my readiness. I have read a lot about mindfulness and somatic work, and while many practitioners claim to used these approaches, the difference between them can be, as Mark Twain once said, the difference between a lightening-bug and lighting. What I learned working with Jocelyn is the depth of her specific training, the overall skill and self awareness this type of work requires, and how distinctly different it is from typical talk-therapy. If I could try and summarize what working with Jocelyn is like I would say she is a committed and very skilled therapist who is engineering healing experiences and fostering a compassionate self-awareness. Over time I have come to learn that you can talk yourself out of something you did not talk yourself into."

-Albert, Charlottesville, Va.



I had been in talk therapy for years before a business/lifestyle coach suggested that I try Somatic Therapy. My anxiety was manifesting physically and became quite debilitating for about two years. I first met with a somatic therapist who was a bit aggressive and seemed to work in a way that brought up a ton of emotion in my first visit. I thought that must be what I had needed, but I left the session feeling very anxious and raw and a little lost. It did not feel safe to me. I then did some more research and found Jocelyn. I had a consult with her and immediately felt the difference in her energy. I explained to her what I had experienced previously and she reassured me that she believes in keeping the nervous system safe when working together. If anything, I felt that the first couple of sessions were almost too slow and too gentle. I wasn't sure if it was "working". About a month or two later, I was able to reflect and see just how much growth I had experienced over those first couple of sessions together. I felt more confident in my decisions and boundaries. I felt safer in my body. My physical symptoms were fading. Fast forward to a little over a year and my anxiety is no longer consuming me. I am able to work, show up for my children and my husband and most importantly myself, in a way that I have never experienced. I feel SO much better physically and my quality of life has increased exponentially. Jocelyn became my number one safe space. She was so intentional about making it clear that all of me was welcome in her space. The compassion and safety that she provided throughout my healing journey will never be forgotten. I am forever grateful.


-T. Taylor - Harrisonburg, Virginia


"I so highly recommend Jocelyn. I’ve been exploring therapists and therapies for over 30 years and it is rare that I come across someone who has a natural gift. Jocelyn has that gift. She is both deeply compassionate and clear. She draws on deep and direct experience. She sees things that I don’t see, and guides me to new places with gentle mastery.

I feel so safe with her.Moreover, Hakomi is the most powerful modality I know to shift old wounds and beliefs that are no longer serving. Jocelyn and Hakomi together = wow. What a gift if you wish to heal some aspect of your life and relationships."                    


- Robin Athey, Consultant




"When I found Jocelyn, I was in a horrible place. My anxiety was out of control and spiraling into depression, and I was falling back into old eating disorder habits and thoughts. Throughout the months that I have been working with her, I have learned about my diet and what to eat to best optimize my health. I also have someone who listens to me and truly cares about my health and well-being. I always look forward to seeing her, and no matter how bad I am doing when I come in, I feel better when I leave. She has really helped me turn my life and health around, and the journey isn't even over!"

  -Allie E., Charlottesville, Virginia

"Once Jocelyn had balanced out my brain chemistry, I had the energy and drive to address some deficiencies in my body chemistry. We discussed my life-long struggle with weight control, cravings, and, recently, severe fatigue. We went over my medical history and ran some tests to figure out what the heck was going on. 


After gathering the info, Jocelyn was able to corral the causes of my health issues and designed a nutrition and supplement program as a remedy. I was sooo hoping for a "magic" pill that I could take and then feel better--who doesn't want that?!? Instead, Jocelyn lead my to a deeper understanding of the food-body (and "gut-brain") connection. We found out I was sensitive to gluten, borderline diabetic, and my adrenal (and some other) systems were in near-complete failure. In short, my body was functioning poorly and I had some toxic responses to some everyday food.


I embraced Jocelyn's suggestions, and after six months my body is doing much better. It's not an easy or quick fix (darn!) but my nutrition changes and supplement use have greatly reduced my fatigue, cravings and--I know this sounds a bit over-the-top--I've lost a bunch of "bloat" and weight without really trying. My blood pressure has dropped significantly, and I'm just about ready to get off my prescription for it.


I credit Jocelyn for an amazing turn around in my life. Her  work on my nutritional deficiencies has  a profound daily impact on my life, as has her earlier work on my brain chemistry. Now I rarely have food cravings, my energy level is much higher and I'm much more engaged in life. We're not done yet--we still have more work to do (look for a part III!) )--but we're well on the road to a much healthier and happier me. 


Once again, words can't convey my profound gratefulness for your dedication, your work, and your gift to heal."


 - Jim H. Sacramento California


"I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Jocelyn both as a friend and training colleague since 2011. I have been moved many times by the authenticity and compassion she brings to our interactions. As a therapist, I have consistently experienced Jocelyn as very attuned with her clients, competent in her helping-skills and deeply caring. Jocelyn's passion for her work and commitment to her own personal growth makes her a truly effective facilitator. I recommend her services for anyone wishing to heal limiting core-beliefs and move into greater wholeness and love."


 -Paul Zasada, MA, LMHC, CHT  

"When I first met Jocelyn Audet, I didn’t hold out much hope for what I always assumed would be a long healthy life. I credit this remarkable healer with piloting me through some dangerous shoals that risked capsizing my health and life. Equipped with sleuthing skills equal to Sherlock Holmes, coupled with Mother Teresa grade compassion, she ferreted out exactly what tests I needed, what supplements to take, and to whom I should consult. In a remarkably short amount of time, I feel better than my old self. My gratitude knows no bounds."


 - Mary M.  Writer and Blogger

"I have had seemingly hundreds of hours of conversations with Jocelyn, as we have collaborated on innovative health interventions and psycho-spiritual practices. Along with her training in the remarkable somatic therapeutic method of Hakomi, Jocelyn’s empathic reading of people and situations make her a trusted colleague and therapist. Few of even the psychotherapists I’ve encountered have the diversity of training in both body awareness, nutrition, and psychology that Jocelyn brings to her clients. I not only trust the perceptive, compassionate elegance of her way of being present with people; I also observe that she brings a deep loyalty and integrity to all those with whom she connects."


 - Len Worley Phd


"I've been digesting (no pun intended!) the effect of the amino acid you recommended to overcome my dopamine deficiency. I'm pretty sure my deficiency is life-long and has increased in the past few years. I've craved somatic feel good "stuff" my whole life: exercise, food, alcohol, drugs, sex…even intimate love. All of them have played a too-big part in my life. Without them--without the dopamine--I feel deflated and disengaged and "lost" as if I'm waiting for something "good" to happen to me. And when I do occasionally find something that makes me feel good, I hold onto it too tightly and wind up squeezing the life out of it…and eventually losing it.

 It brings me to tears to realize so much of my life has been a search to find a substitute for a bio chemical imbalance--something that no thing or experience, and no amount of love, could ever give me: I've spent my life longing for what I could rarely have.

 I'm just beginning to unfold what this means. It's going to be difficult facing my life and the decisions I've made and the relationships I've lost, but I now have hope for creating a much better one. I truly can't thank you enough."


- James H. Grass Valley,  CA




Jocelyn Pierce Audet CHP NTP CRNC

Phone: 540-290-6138

Appointments: Charlottesville, Staunton, & via Skype

800 East High Street, Charlottesville, Va, 22902

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