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The whole world is not the same as the limited one we spent our childhood learning to live in. The Hakomi method is designed to access these 'undigested' experiences, bring them into consciousness and find ways to integrate them.


                               - Ron Kurtz - Developer of the Hakomi Method



Some benefits of Somatic Coaching, The Hakomi Method, and Mindfulness Facilitation~


  • Cultivate self-compassion and the capacity to be with difficult emotions

  • Remove the obstacles to the joy and clarity you want in your life

  • Learn an alternative somatically -based approach to traditional talk-therapy that teaches you to access your body's own innate intelligence and healing capacities

  • Discover effective ways to resolve past trauma

  • Cultivate greater closeness and satisfaction in your relationships

  • Move forward in your emotional and spiritual development

  • Gain the ability to  regulate, ground and discharge old energy patterns within your nervous system.

  • Learn to track body sensations as a way to access unconscious beliefs

  • Dissolve the stuck patterns that create struggle and suffering in your life


The body is the receptacle of all our experiences. It is a place where all our truths are stored. It carries both the good and the painful equally.


The history of our life is reflected in our bodies and the way we inhabit them. Our habitual gestures and posture are a window into that history.When we turn towards our sensations with mindful and gentle curiosity, the body will reveal its secrets.The hidden core beliefs we hold are reflected in small habitual mannerisms - like the ways we hold our head, or reach out with our hand, as well as the thoughts we habitually think, our longings, and how we relate to others and the world. Much of the effect of this history is not conscious to us. So we  are often puzzled and confused when we repeat unhelpful or painful patterns and have outcomes we don't want again and again.


I guide you in cultivating mindfulness and somatic awareness so you can access and bring into consciousness previously unconscious beliefs and patterns. The Hakomi method teaches skills to attune to present moment bodily experience- it is not talk therapy- although we speak often in sessions . Although The Hakomi Method is often integrated into psychotherapy it is primarily a process of assisted self-discovery which bypasses our conscious stories and accesses a more direct way of knowing through our embodied self.



In Hakomi another name for attunement is Loving Presence.

This state of being is a cornerstone of the Hakomi Method. Hakomi practitioners are dedicated to maintaining a state of presence that is accepting and compassionate. This way of being, called 'loving presence', is actively cultivated by Hakomi practitioners and is a foundational part of the training program all certified Hakomi Practitioners are taught to embody.


The reasons for this lie in the sensitivity needed to work with the  subconscious parts of us that have been wounded early in life. Most wounds happened in a relational setting. We come to understand them in the same setting when we enter the body-oriented process of Hakomi together. The subconscious is unwilling to open up and reveal to us our hidden core beliefs if the space we contact it in is not completely safe. The practitioner's attunement to the client's emotional state and inner process, verbally and non-verbally communicated, and through the most subtle signs within the body, is the prerequisite for this opening-up to occur. This is the atmosphere where the most effective work to transform ourselves happens. Together we create an unhurried non-judgmental space where there is enough time to allow long buried feelings and beliefs to rise into a compassionate container to be welcomed and healed.


Here are some of the principles that guide the session as we work together:


  • We trust unfolding as guided by your body’s inherent wisdom

  • Every session is unique and meets you in the moment

  • There might be movement, vocalization, and little experiments to uncover hidden material held in the body

  • We delve in together with curiosity and a great love for the human experience

  • We draw on the relational space we co-create as a source of insight and healing


Typically, we sit across from each other, either on the floor, or in comfortable chairs, and in mindfulness begin to explore whatever wants to be seen and attended to in your present-moment somatic experience.

Through quiet attunement to the felt experience in your body, we uncover unconscious beliefs that limit your full and joyful participation in life.


Because this is not psychotherapy, but rather the focused cultivation of mindfulness and embodiment in the service of self-discovery, my approach is not to tell you what to do or to give you advice. My role is to help you discover at a somatic level how to grow into your own authenticity. Together we will work to allow meaning and direction to arise organically from within you and to make space for your most essential self.

For information on booking and session fees please see Sessions and Packages section of this website.




When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection by Gabor Maté M.D.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk MD

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine

The Hakomi Way: Consciousness & Healing: The Legacy of Ron Kurtz by Ron Kurtz

For more information on pricing, please visit the Session Info page. 

Jocelyn Pierce Audet CHP NTP CRNC

Phone: 540-290-6138

Appointments: Charlottesville, Staunton, & via Skype

800 East High Street, Charlottesville, Va, 22902



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